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Liuyang fejerverkų pramonės užsakymų birža per dvi dienas pasiekė planuojamą daugiau nei 1.7 mlrd. juanių apyvartą

"It's great, I love it!" A few days ago, the 2023 fireworks industry order exchange meeting was held in Liuyang, where a customer from Canada, Rod, came to the exhibition site in advance and carefully observed the automatic loading and assembling production line. The fireworks industry, which is a traditional industry in Liuyang, ignited enthusiasm in April when it welcomed an offline exhibition of its products after a three-year absence. The exhibition covers a total area of about 5,000 square meters and attracts 138 fireworks and machinery manufacturers from all over the country, exhibiting tens of thousands of products from the whole industry chain, presenting new products, new materials, new technologies for the development of the fireworks industry, in order to facilitate product trading, help match production and marketing, and promote industrial development.

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On April 17, we learned from the organizing committee that 685 orders were reached within two days, with a transaction value of 1.756 billion yuan, adding another fire to the "open door" of Liuyang's economic development.

"There were a lot of new products and highlights. This is the first offline exhibition and sale of the fireworks industry held in Liuyang after the epidemic, and exhibitors were very enthusiastic." The relevant person in charge of the event organizing committee introduced that 138 enterprises from all over the country exhibited tens of thousands of products from the whole industry chain of fireworks, showing a full range of new products, new technologies, new machinery, new processes and new materials, presenting a "sunny spring scene" of the fireworks industry.

Each fireworks industry exhibition and exchange activities, are fireworks and machinery manufacturers to promote the brand event, but also an important platform for the exchange of artillery people, attracting businessmen from all over the country to see samples, business opportunities, talk about cooperation.

Visitors become customers, popularity becomes wealth, traffic becomes production. The fireworks industry order exchange and the 2023 First Xianggan Art Fireworks Invitational Tournament were held at the same time, further driving the night-time economy and cultural tourism consumption in Liuyang.