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Liuyang Hunan China "PYROALLY" fireworks  is one of the fastest growing fireworks suppliers in the world.  Our team believes that it is our innovation, customer service, knowledge of your market needs, and our product's superior packaging and performance that sets us apart from other China fireworks factories.
Pyroally Fireworks sells its fireworks directly from China. If you are an importer and would like to buy containers directly, then contact us to get your assistance.
"Pyroally" fireworks cover all categories of fireworks including consumer fireworks and professional display pyrotechnics.  For example, display shells, professional cakes, compound cakes, roman candles, assortments, fountains, sky rockets, helicopters, sparklers, smoke items, snaps, wheels, confetti, birthday candle, stage fireworks, waterfall,  fiberglass mortar, electronic igniter, and other specialty items.  Our products are guaranteed to have the highest quality performance, including the richest colors, extra long duration stars, and professionally designed retail packaging.   
Quality & Safety, is always Pyroally’s main concern.  "Pyroally" fireworks are produced in our factories located in China.  Production is under the strictest supervision and quality control, ensuring the highest quality.   We carry out "process based" quality management that starts with product design, purchase of raw materials and flows through production.  We do more than a simple "final inspection".   All our products conform to CE European Standards and/or AFSL Standards  We have experience in products for the Germany, Holland, France, Italy, UK, Slovenia, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, US,  South America, and many other countries.  
Our professional export staff will make ordering your fireworks an easy and pleasant experience.  We have to ability to accumulate both generic China fireworks as well as other well know brands. Our professional services will assist you with shipping your container to your door.  Warm welcome you to visit us in China at anytime.      
Our team is passionate about fireworks, we are constant innovators being first to market with many of the newest and most popular effects and packaging.  
We can recommend products to suit your market's needs.   Our ability to communicate quickly and clearly  in English and Chinese will also be appreciated.  Because we can customize the products according to your requirements, we can export successfully to Asia, Europe, Africa, U.S. and the Middle East.  

Our goal is to continue to develop innovative new products for the worldwide market, and deliver them to you with the highest quality and most competitive prices.